We are very proud about the meals at Nias Keyhole surf camp and have invested a lot of time and energy to ensure that our meals are healthy, plentiful and delivered in the most hygienic way possible.

Fresh fruit such as bananas, watermelon, apples or papaya is available for you to help yourself at all times or ask. Tea, coffee, fruit juice and bottled water is included in the Nias Keyhole surf camp package price and is available for you to help yourself to at all times all you need to do is ask one of our staff.


We generally serve breakfast in the balcony area as different menu every morning at from 7.00am to 10.00 am and it includes fresh fruit salad and various cereals such as muesli, corn flakes right through to bacon and fried or scrambled eggs, French toast, banana pancakes, omelets,porridge and jaffle/Hot sandwich. There is always plenty of fresh toast and as butter,jams, honey and vegemate.


Our lunches are generally served after guests return from the morning surf session. Lunch times from 11.30am to 1.30PM and are served in Balcony area.?The lunches change each day and you will generally not eat the same meal twice during your stay, we have everything from mie gororeng special, chicken salads, Keyhole triple decker sandwich chicken, fish burger,spaghetti bolognese,pizza through to enchiladas as well as mie goreng and traditional Indonesian Nasi Gorengs.


Dinner is the pride and joy of chef Santi/Mama and Renata and this is where it’s no-holds-barred territory.?Whole grilled fresh reef fish, roasted meats, banquet style traditional Indonesian, mud crabs, lobster, curried fish, chicken curry potato, grilled fish, pasta dishes of every type, amazing potato salads, green salads, curry vegetables . Some of our well-traveled visitors claim the all foods and dinners at Nias Keyhole surf camp are the best food of any surf camp on the planet.


Generally a hand prepared sweet of some type. Santi (mama andy) and Renata they makes everything from ice-cream through to banana cakes, chocolate cake